Chao Te Ching

Chapter 5 Art


Hanging Scrolls (5 Masters)


The wise spag treats every day like a day off,

but still gets things done.

Everyone seeks the one who balances the Chao

because within it lives every possibility.


But even that is an incomplete map,

so beware of believing it to be the territory.


The Cabbage on the street may be starving,

but the Chao on the menu will never taste like hamburger.


Jump to conclusions,

fall flat on your face.


Chaos embraces the Illusions of Order and Disorder.

It contains all things,

even that which is not there.

It does not judge,

it has no subjectivity.


It has no meta,

for even thoughts outside Chaos

are found within Chaos.

If all things that change are within it,

then it does not change;

Because there is no Other.


I know, you’re thinking that this

is all one big, fat

intentional contradiction.

Fair enough;

But sometimes only a paradox

can explain what’s going on.


Those who question others are wise.

Those who questions themselves are enlightened.

Those who revolt against the masses seek attention.

Those who revolt against their own biases are brave.

Those who accept through faith are blind.

Those who reject the unproven are foolish.


Chaos cannot be labeled,

because it contains all labels.

Therefore, all definitions are incomplete.

It’s Gödels, all the way down.

Order and Disorder unite,

and Illusion slips into Chaos.

When people create language, labels begin.

With labels, one should know when to stop.

Knowing when to stop, the wise spags see the Illusion;

And are free to create as they choose.


Being rigid makes a person easy to oppress;

The wise spags use the creative trip left,

or the destructive trip right,

and stay flexible.


Rules disguise suspicion;

So be suspicious about them.

The wise spags will break them

without drawing attention

and will be rewarded with sovereignty,

if being free is their intent.


When freedom is in danger,

there should be no rest.

Those who oppose the freedom of others are not evil,

but have caged themselves.

Wise spags speak of a jail break,

and lead by example

by rattling their own chains.


They enter the idiot asylum

with care and consideration

as if crossing a battlefield

or tiptoeing through a slumber party.


The symphony of rattling chains

is neither noise nor music.

It is the sound of the Chao

and those who hear it.


If you’re going to do some Covert Ops in the name of Discordia,

keep your head down, and Keep Your Fucking Mouth Shut.

A mowhawk is as good as a target during Police Action.


The wise spags toss a wrench into the Machine™,

and then walk away.

They strike against Authority, but don’t put it on the Internet.

They subvert the paradigm, but don’t stick around to watch.

They mindfuck the people, but don’t pat themselves on the back.


If two people know a thing, it is not a secret.

Getting away with it means staying away from it.


Those that would take over the world

and bend it to their will,

will get bent.

The world is full of would-be superheroes

and would-be supervillains.

Maybe the world would be better off without them.


Some lead, and some follow;

Some shout, and some whisper;

Some cry, and some laugh;

Some win, some fail.

The wise spags keep their head down

and let the cannon fodder do their jobs.

Hanging Scrolls 5 (Chapter 9)